The Annual URS Kandoori of Masthan Moulana As-Sheikh As Seyyed Muhammed Salih Al-Makkeeyee (Thasbih Moulana) RA, Will be held on 12th Sept (Tue) 2023 at the Muslim Burial Grounds, Maligawatte Colombo 10.

Mowlood and Katam thamam will be conducted after Maqrib Prayers. Niyath will be served to all. 

Pictured is the renowned Saints burial site at Maligawatte Muslim Burial Grounds. (A Heritage building preserved over a Century)


flag hosting of masthan moulana

The Annual Flag Hoisting ceremony of  Masthan maulana as-shaikh as-seyyed muhammadh salih al-makki (thasbeeh maulana) raliyallahu anhu, will be held on 06 th Sept (wed) 2023 at 5.15 pm  @ Maligawatte Muslim burial grounds.  All are invited to celebrate and partake in the Niyath, followed by a Moulid recital at the Ziyara.

Jumma Bayan

Jumma bayan


  • JUMMA BAYAN  -  8/18/2023  -  Moulavi M.A.M.Iflal                        

                                   -  8/25/2023  -  Moulavi H Omardeen Rahmani


Super Moon Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse or a super moon eclipse was held on May 15-16, 2022.

A Total Super moon Lunar Eclipse was occured on May 16th 2022.

Super Moon


People in the Americas, Europe and Africa will see the total lunar eclipse during the night of May 15-16, 2022.

Partial eclipse begins at 2:27 UTC on May 16 and ends at 5:55 UTC on the same day.

COVID19 Vaccination program at Colombo Grand Mosque

Another successful COVID19 Vaccination program for above 20 years of age was held today Saturday the 18th of September, 2021 under the guidance of Dam Street Police from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. This was a combined effort of the Sri Lanka Dam Street Police, Colombo Grand Mosque and Health Department. The aim of the vaccination programme is to protect as many people as possible and we witnessed a significant number of residents were present al the location. 

Moon sighting Conference Dhul Qa'dha 1442 A H

Moonsighting Conference to determine the new crescent for the month of Dhul Qa'dha 1442 A H.
Will be held Insha Allah on Friday 11th June 2021 at Colombo Grand Mosque, 151, New Moor Street,
Colombo 12. For information please contact ☎️0112432110 ☎️0112451245 ☎0777316415.📱
#Moonsighting 🕌 #ColomboGrandMosque

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